SINCE 1998
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SINCE 1998
Sale & purchase for ship,
Cargo offer & open tonnage
Offer Information & Short Description
Posted Date 11/22/2022 Load Dely Area Asia/Indian Ocean
Cargo Type & TC Time Charter Load or Dely Port Any except iran ports
Laycan Start 11/22/2022 Discharge / Redly Area
Laycan End Discharge / Redly Port Any
Volume 49000vlgc Tons
Short Description Vlgc 49000dwt for charterer ready .we have vlgc
Brief details
Vlgc at pg anchored ready to charter
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Contact Information
Ship Sale & Purchase , New Shipbuilding, Offshore Plant, Chartering,
Ebenezer Inc. CEO: Suh Sang Cheol,
Business Registeration Number : 617-81-54190, Registeration No.BSA3057,
Busan Regional Oceans & Fisher Adminstration, Membership No.30248667, Korea Interantional Trade Association
Address: 901 First in Centum B/D, 60 Centum jungang-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Repulic of Korea (48059)
MOB: 8210-3589-6303, TEL: 8251-752-9748 Fax Number: 8251-752-9749
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